Radiography as a Career

ULHT - Grantham & District Hospital
Pathway Allied Health
Minimum Age 17+
Duration 1 day ONLY (applications for longer periods will be declined)

Whilst on placement the individual will shadow a member of staff, assisting where appropriate, and observing their day to day duties. Full details of the placement schedule shall be provided prior to commencement. Opportunities may include the following areas:
Individuals may have the opportunity to visit the MRI control room, observe examinations and help set up/prepare for examinations
Activities may be accommodated within the inpatients department. This session will include observing scans and being briefed on the diagnostic process.
Screening Room
During this session the student will observe a number of procedures which may include barium meals, follow throughs and other investigative procedures. Observation of procedures is subject to patient approval.
A&E X-ray
Types of conditions supported may include injuries from slips, trips and falls, and chest pain. Students will have the opportunity to observe the department and patient procedures, subject to patient approval.
General X-ray
This area is primarily used to undertake inpatient, outpatient and GP examinations.
CT Control Room
Individuals will have the opportunity to observe the day to day running of the Control Room, seeing how scans are set up and performed. The student will receive an overview of the process, observe scans being taken and gain an understanding of how scans are read.

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