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How do I apply for a work experience placement?

All current work experience opportunities are shown on the ‘Work Experience Page’. Simply click on the ‘Apply’ icon for the desired placement. This will direct you to the NHS Talent Academy Work Experience Portal where you will be required to register for an account and complete the on-line application process.

Once you have submitted your application through this system, your application will be routed to the placement host for consideration.

Why isn’t my local area on the website yet?

We’re currently in the process of working with partners across the UK, encouraging them to come on board. Due to the vast amount of partners, this takes time.

If you are looking for access to certain regions not currently offered by the NHS Talent Academy, please contact us (email: NHS.Talent@ulh.nhs.uk), providing details of the areas you are looking for and we will do our best to source the right contacts for you.

How do I know if my application is successful?

Once registered with the system, you will continue to receive updates on the progress of your application. If approved, you will be notified by the NHS Talent Academy by letter/email, providing full details of the placement organisation and instructions for your first day

Please note: you will be notified of your placement request outcome approximately 6 weeks prior to the dates you have requested, or sooner.

Due to the high number of requests, we cannot guarantee all applications will result in a placement.

There are occasions where placements are declined – this is mainly due to either the placement already being used for the dates chosen or as a result of pressure on the service which may prevent the placement from being offered. Our patient safety will always come first, hence applicants are reminded that placements may be withdrawn with minimal notice.

Please note: Placements could take up to six weeks to process. Due to the high number of applications we cannot guarantee everyone a placement.

How long are work experience placements for?

Duration of the work experience placement will differ due to the nature of the role or the provider capacity. Placements can vary from 1/2 day insight through to the more traditional 5 days.
Some providers may also offer extended placements. Details of the duration can be found against each placement.

If I apply today, can I do the work experience next week?

Unfortunately not as this doesn’t allow enough time for the department to consider your application. The process can take up to 6 weeks for reasons such as staff rotas and capacity in the departments to review the applications, so please allow enough time for your request to be processed. Please note, you will be notified of your placement request outcome approximately 6 weeks prior to the dates you have requested, or sooner.

Can I apply for more than one date on the application form?

You have the opportunity to specify up to three date ranges on the application. If the department is unable to offer your first choice, they will consider the other dates given.

Can I apply for more than one placement at a time?

Yes. Once you have registered with the NHS Talent Academy system, you will be able to view all placements currently available across the various regions. Should you wish to apply for more than one placement, you can do so. However, to remove the potential for placements being requested that are not required, the system will not allow you to apply for multiple placements for the same dates. Whilst we appreciate this may take longer, it prevents our front-line staff from taking time away from patient services dealing with applications that are not required.

How do I get to my placement?

You will need to organise and meet any costs associated with your travel to and from the location of the work experience placement.

How will I know if I have a placement or not?

All applicants will be notified by post or email of the outcome.

If you have been successful in obtaining a placement, you will be provided with an Offer Letter and full placement description and associated risk assessment. The Offer Letter contains a Placement Agreement which must be signed and returned prior to commencement. Applicants under the age of 18 years will be required to obtain parent or guardian permission.

You will also be required to take a copy of your confirmation letter with you on placement.

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