Security & Resilience Assistant

LPFT - Lions Way, Sleaford
Pathway Business Administration
Minimum Age 17+
Duration 5 Days

Security and Resilience links closely with the estates and facilities function within the Trust. Risks identified, as the result of site visits, are acted upon by the estates team as they appear as recommendations in reports. These possible risks may impact service users, visitors and staff.
The role enables the Trust to provide assurances that it is as compliant as it can be with all legislation and that it is a safe and secure environment in which to work, visit or stay. The role requires the provision support to staff in the event they are subjected to some form of criminal activity such as violence. In addition there is a requirement to work with partner organisations regarding Emergency Planning.
Whilst on placement the individual will accompany the Security and resilience manager, Health & safety Adviser and Emergency planning Coordinator, around many of the LPFT sites to observe and participate in surveys. In addition, the individual will accompany the same individuals to numerous meetings within the Trust to glean knowledge of its workings.
With the Security team the individual will participate in the production of Crime Reduction Surveys relating to specific site building as well as accompanying them to the local police liaison meetings to see how the organisations coordinate their approach to mental health.

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