Medical Physics

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Lincoln County Hospital
Pathway Healthcare Science
Minimum Age 18+
Duration Up to 3 Days

Placements are only available to individuals who are either completing or have completed a physics degree and who, are looking to apply to the Scientist Training Programme (STP) in Medical Physics.

Medical physics and engineering applies science and technology for the benefit of the sick. Medical physics departments are mainly concerned with nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiology and various aspects of physiological monitoring and investigation, as well as contributing to specialities ranging from anaesthetics to urology.

Much of the medical physics department’s work focuses around developing techniques to show what is happening in the body, for example X-ray, nuclear medicine with radioactive drugs and gamma cameras and ultrasound scanning.

Our medical physics departments have four main sections:
1.Nuclear medicine conducts imaging based on radioactive labelled pharmaceuticals, some therapeutic procedures and bone mineralization estimations.
2.Clinical measurements are responsible for a variety of physiological measurements.
3.Radiation protection provides radiation and laser protection advice to the Trust regarding statutory legislation and supplies a Trust-wide physics support to diagnostics radiology.
4.Radiotherapy physics is responsible for the physics service to clinical oncology for the provision of the radiotherapy service to Lincolnshire.

Medical physics services are provided at Lincoln County Hospital, Grantham and District Hospital and Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

LOCATION: Situated in Outpatients, just past clinic 1 at Lincoln County Hospital.

Whilst on placement the individual will focus on the areas of Radiation Protection and Radiotherapy Physics, undertaking experimental tests on ultrasound equipment to see how it performs, taking readings and recording results, spending time within the radiology department observing staff and tests.

The individuals will also assist in the setting up of experiments/tests and clearing away afterwards. In order to provide an all-round experience of this area of work, the individual will also undertake general and related admin duties in addition to keeping areas clean and tidy.

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