Insight into Radiology

ULHT - Grantham & District Hospital
Pathway Clinical
Minimum Age 17+
Duration 1 Day

The radiology department at Grantham and District Hospital provides general x-ray, fluoroscopy, dental, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound services, as well as a mobile x-ray unit which can be taken to Resus in A/E or the wards for patients too ill to attend the department and a mobile image intensifier fluoroscopy unit in theatres.

The department has digital radiography (DR) equipment in the general, fluoroscopy and dental rooms and uses computed radiography (CR) for mobile examinations. The department also trains diagnostic radiography individuals from Sheffield Hallam university.
During this 1 day placement, individuals will be shadow a member of staff, assisting where appropriate, and observing their day to day duties in order to gain an overview of the role and department.
Areas may include:
MRI, Ultrasound, Screening Room, A&E X-ray, General X-ray, and CT Control Room.........

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