Insight into Nutrition & Dietetics – Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Pilgrim Hospital, Boston
Pathway Allied Health
Minimum Age 17+
Duration 1 Day

Individuals must be capable of achieving the required education results needed for studying the profession at University.
The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics within Lincolnshire’s hospitals is made up of a team of 20 dietitians and six support staff based at four different sites across the county; Lincoln County Hospital, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, Grantham and District Hospital and County Hospital, Louth.

The Departments provide a range of services including:
• Nutritional support and enteral feeding
• Obesity management
• Nutrition in children
• Nutrition in renal disease
• Nutrition in coronary heart disease
• Stroke
• Diabetes
• Mental health service
Whilst on placement, the individuals will shadow staff within the department attending ward visits and outpatients clinics. Subject to patient consent, insividual will sit in on discussions with patients about their needs to gain an overview of activities within the department.

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