Insight into Estates and Facilities

YSTHT - Scarborough General Hospital, Woodlands Drive, Scarborough. YO12 6QL
Pathway Estates and Facilities
Minimum Age 16+
Duration 5 days

DURATION: 5 Days (Available between 10th June and 12th July 2024 only)
The Estates Work Experience Placement offers an opportunity for individuals to gain practical insight into the field of facilities management and building maintenance. This placement is designed for students or individuals interested in exploring careers in estate management, property maintenance, or related fields. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, participants will have the chance to develop essential skills, learn about industry practices, and contribute to real-world projects within our organization's estates team.
1. Shadowing and Assistance: Work closely with members of the estates team to observe daily operations, tasks, and projects. Assist with routine maintenance activities, repairs, and inspections under supervision.
2. Learning Opportunities: Participate in training sessions, workshops, and educational programs to enhance knowledge of building systems, maintenance techniques, and safety protocols. Gain hands-on experience with tools, equipment, and technologies used in facilities management.
3. Project Support: Collaborate with team members on specific projects or initiatives, such as space planning, energy efficiency improvements, or sustainability initiatives. Contribute ideas, research findings, and assistance as needed to support project objectives.
4. Documentation and Reporting: Assist in maintaining accurate records of maintenance activities, equipment inventories, and safety inspections. Learn how to generate reports, document findings, and communicate effectively within the team.
5. Safety and Compliance: Learn about safety regulations, building codes, and environmental standards relevant to estate management. Follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure personal safety and the safety of others in the workplace.
6. Professional Development: Receive feedback, guidance, and mentorship from experienced professionals within the estates team. Take initiative to ask questions, seek learning opportunities, and actively participate in skill-building exercises.

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