Insight into Children’s Speech and Language Therapy

LCHS - Beech House, Lincoln
Pathway Allied Health
Minimum Age 16+
Duration 1 day only

Children's Speech and Language Therapy service support children with a variety of needs. These include:
• difficulties understanding what is being said
• difficulties with vocabulary or putting words together
• unclear speech
• difficulty paying attention or listening to what has been said
• difficulty communicating with others
• difficulties with the mechanics of chewing and swallowing
• a hearing impairment
• a cleft lip and/or palate
• a stammer/stutter (these words mean the same thing)

Whilst on placement the individual will shadow a Speech and Language Therapist, observing the sessions the therapist has on that day,interacting with the child in the session.
There will be opportunities to discuss and ask questions about the varied and interesting role of a Speech and Language Therapist whilst on placement.
Upon confirmation of placement, the individual should make contact with the placement lead to confirm the start/finish times for the day.
To gain a comprehensive view of the Speech and Language Therapist role, we would recommend the individual also source a placement with the Adult Speech and Language Services.

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