LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Healthcare Support / Nursing Assistant

ULHT - Lincoln County Hospital
Pathway Care
Minimum Age 16+
Duration 3 - 5 Days

Whilst on placement, individuals will be allocated to a ward where they will observe and shadow ward staff in order to gain an appreciation of their daily duties and the ward’s speciality. The individual will gain an overview of general nursing practice and patient care and interaction.
Tasks may include:
•Social integration/interaction of the patients and visitors
•General and related admin duties
•Keeping areas clean and tidy
•Observing consultations, medical rounds and treatments
•Assisting the ward with errands around the ward/hospital
•Learn about infection control
•Assist in making up bed spaces
The individual may also accompany staff to other areas within the hospital to get an overview of a nurses role and ward operations/medical care in a busy and varied working environment.

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